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Our Mission is to Nurture, Educate, and Train our students by the Word and Ways of Jesus, while also helping them reach their fullest academic potential.


As you begin your journey exploring our preschool, you will quickly come to realize that we are a school that is set apart from others. Through the nurturing and education provided by our staff, your children will be given firm foundation they can build on for years to come. We want to be part of teaching every individual child all they need to know to not only reach their academic capabilities, but also to learn who Jesus is and how much He loves them. This is taught in so many ways! Whether it be the simple acts of sharing with friends, hearing bible stories that captivate their minds and hearts, or learning their ABC’s! This is all accomplished by a staff of administration and teachers whose soul love is partnering with parents in teaching your little ones all they need to know to take on that great big world out there!

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